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Creating an SSL Certificate for Node.js

I had to seek out several different resources to learn how to do this right so I figured I’d put it all together in case it helps someone else

The Goal: To Create a Secure Certificate and set up a node.js (express 3) project which uses it for local development purposes

Upcoming Changes

I’ve decided to migrate my site from drupal 6 to octopress… drupal is great and powerful but its a sledgehammer to crack a nut where I just want a blog.

The Future of MenuMatic

Four years, 2 kids, and nearing 100k downloads later, MenuMatic has been more of a success than I would have first imagined. However I have since moved to jQuery as my library of choice (namely because of my move to Drupal as my CMS of choice) and more importantly I have no time to work on projects for which I do not get paid (the ads here rarely get clicked).